Tuesday, 4 October 2016

GATTOBUS - ROLAND SYSTEM 500 / AIRA MODULAR - 10 min. Music Production Tutorial

This tutorial from gattobus shows you how to make the music in the intro to the video. The sequencing is done from the bitrazer.

10 minutes tutorial on how to produce a music track (bass, arpeggio, FX, lead) using Roland Modular System: System 500, System-1M and AIRA FXs (Scooper, Bitrazer, Torcido, Demora).

Sounds Easy - Roland System 500 Eurorack Module Video

I saw this from Sounds Easy on the MatrixSynth blog  

 I nice bleepy little demo

Finally got all the modules for the Roland System 500 Modular eurorack synth together so I did a little Video. The patch is quite simple with a square tooth waveform's pulse width being occasionally modulated by the LFO. The Filter also gets the LFO treatment. It gets interesting when I modulate the second Oscillator's pitch with the second envelope in cycle mode which acts like a shaped LFO with some interesting results.