Monday, 25 July 2016

Celldweller Production - Roland System-500

Klayton gives a detailed demo of the filter CV inputs under his Celldweller guise.

"In this Celldweller Production, Klayton walks you through the Roland System-500 in a special team-up with Vintage King  Audio!"

SYSTEM-500 // Z8000 // AIRA FX Ambient Performance

From Peaks (Published on 13 May 2016):

"Ambient improve(sic) using my newly acquired Tiptop Audio Z8000, along with SYSTEM-500 and AIRA FXs. There is also a TR-8 off camera."

The Z8000 is a Matrix Sequencer

Roland System 500 Basslines & Sequences Demo by INHALT

Fifteen minutes of pure SYSTEM-500 from INHALT.US